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Mar 18, 2009


These sponsors again make people in dilemma. Let me add some statistics and details of both scholarships:

  • For medic, JPA limits sending students to UK, if you try applying medic (not mideast), you might get Poland, India, or Indonesia.
  • For engin, JPA sends students to various places including Kolej MARA Banting (KMB) to UK, INTI International University College to US, INTEC UiTM to US or New Zealand, KBU International College to Australia, or Taylor's College to Canada.
  • For most of straight A1's Engineering students, they were offered to KMB (UK). However, Canada is a very great country to go too.
  • Group style interview: You'll be credited as long as you talk.
  • Recommended for those who achieve good result.

  • MARA sends more people to UK last year (KMB) for medic
  • If you don't surpass the qualification in syaratpiln2009, you may go for MARA. There are students who were called for a second time interview for medic mara whom firstly got B3 for Biology. There are still chances when you apply MARA.
  • Easier to get.
  • 2-to-1 interview: Just answer the questions

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