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Sep 18, 2012

Plan for SPM Leavers 2012/2013

We are going to rebuild this blog so that it can be truly beneficial to all SPM Leavers. We define SPM Leavers as students who finish their SPM on a specific year until a year later. Let say a student finishes SPM this year, he will the a member of SPM Leavers for 2012/2013.

So, here is the plan for SPM Leavers 2012/2013

*SPM Date: 5 November - 6 December

  1. Every week a post from SPM Leavers written by people around the world
  2. All info updated about future careers/universities local and overseas
  3. What to do after SPM? 
  4. Tips #1: Blogging
  5. Tips #2: PLKN
  6. Tips #3: Jobs
  7. Tips #4: Early university entries/pre-university/diploma
  8. Tips #5: Learn English
  9. Tips #6: Prepare for unversity by taking early courses
  10. Tips #7: Scholarship
  11. Tips #8: Interview
  12. Tips #9: And many more...
  13. Live interaction on Facebook page and Google+