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Mar 30, 2009

Tips - JPA Interview

Before the interview
  1. Prepare smart dress (formal)
  2. Prepare documents (e.g IC, interview letter, etc.)
  3. Prepare your mental and physical
During interview
  1. Check at a information board on the venue of your interview
  2. Wait calmly, you may need to reorganize your documents, do it calmly
  3. Once you're called to the room, walk confidently
  4. Greet the interviewers
  5. Sit according to what have been arranged for you
  6. There are two parts of interview: Introducing yourself, and topic discussion.
  7. For the part I: Introducing yourself, you'll be asked either in Malay or English. If you're asked in Malay, answer in malay and vice versa.
  8. You would be asked about the country you would like to pursue your studies
  9. For this question, please prepare a good reason for it, at least not too , not simply "Australia, because it is near to my country" because I'm sure the interviewer would reply, "Then it is better for you to study in Malaysia.
  10. JPA would be extremely happy if you would like to study in Malaysia (cut off budget)
  11. For part II, you would be given a topic and have to discuss with your group members. It would take approximately 30 - 45 minutes.
  12. After given a topic, one person should volunteer to start. If you start the discussion, you'll show you have confidence and have a good leadership.
  13. However, if you don't have ideas, try to become the second by agreeing, or arguing the statements made by the first person.
  14. This would make sure, you would be in the discussion. It is a bit risk if you start late because the topic could be converging or diverging, making you blur.
  15. If you have to many ideas to talk, don't dominate the group. You'll lose points for doing so because you become so arrogance with the ideas that you have, and become ignorance.
  16. But, you'll gain extra point for inviting those who talk only few or didn't talk at all, because you respect others and convince your leadership skills.
  17. The most important things about JPA interviews is talk and talk. Don't think too perfect about your words, yet not too nonsense or annoying.
  18. Don't talk about political issues, race issues, religious issues and issues that against the constitution of government.
  19. After finish, you may leave the room with smiles.
After the interview
  1. Go back to your home or outing with your friends
  2. Prepare for another interview
  3. Go to http://spmleavers.blogspot.com to check for updates, also share any updates in the shoutbox
All the best!


  1. salam..

    thanx 4 those infos..

    it all help me a lot in the interview..


    my interview is just now ,31 mac at 2.pm.
    i am not too satisfied in performance just now..
    when i be the 1st person who must be introduce myself,i quite nervous..

    so now i just can pray so the panels will select me to get the Jpa's sponsporship..


    n thanx again!
    may allah bless u!

  2. thx a lot bro!
    tapi sye ,ek MARA.17/4..keh3

  3. utk mara, we'll be posting the intervw tips soon.
    jez stay updated with us.

    our pleasure to help all of u. :)

  4. thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. Thanks for your tips, really interesting