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Mar 17, 2009

SPM Results

Generally, SPM results can be divided up into 3 main levels.
Identify which level are you in?

1st level-
  • At this level, all spm leavers qualify to apply both JPA / MARA or even any other scholarships (Bank Negara, Petronas, Sime Darby, etc).
  • All important subjects as stated in 'syaratpiln2009', they have scored well.
2nd level-
  • Merely same like the first level, but at this level, there are one/two significant subjects failed to score well. (Eng-B3, Sejarah-B3, Biology-B3, etc)
  • Generalization can be made here that SPM leavers with this level of result are not so bad; they still have pretty large chance to pursue their studies either abroad or local.
3rd level-
  • Whereas those SPM leavers who are not in either 1st or 2nd level, they can be placed here.
  • Highly recommended - local studies (UPU, Matrix, etc)
  • For example, (3A, 4A, 5A)
Life goes on regardless of which level you are in now.

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