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Mar 6, 2014

Google Hangout with Senior

There are a session of Q&A between SPM Leavers and the senior discussing mainly on scholarship application, preparing on interviews, studying abroad, university preparation (A-Levels, IB, ADP, AUSMAT). (The video is in malay)

Some questions from the google hangout session:
  1. How to overcome fear, nervous and anxiety during interview?
  2. What are the universities that accept STPM?
  3. Tell us more the journey after SPM, how to apply for intec etc.
  4. Which one should I research first: related university or scholarship?
  5. How to overcome fear of public speaking?
  6. How to handle stress and critical situation?
  7. Tell us about the experience of studying overseas, pros and cons, friends, problems, life.
  8. What is the difference between study in US and study in UK?
  9. What if the interviewer give a question related to public figure or political sentiments?
  10. How to improve English?
  11. How important is co-curriculum (koko)?
We will announce when there are more google hangout session in the future. Stay tuned!