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Mar 5, 2014

What Should I Do While Waiting for SPM Result? (#1 - Find a Mentor)

There are a lot of things that will happen in the future especially graduation. It's not as simple as getting a scholarship, graduating university and get a job. Success is not measured the same you are now, than somehow in the future. 
Your success will be determined by how much you love what you are doing couple years from now. The best thing I will recommend right now is to get inspiration, find a mentor, and start doing what you love. 
Prof Doug Reeve from University of Toronto - Leadership Class

1. Finding a role model and a mentor
Google someone that is expert in the area that you love, and learn more about him. For example, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Larry Page in technology, Jony Ive in design, Dato Seri Anwar, Daro Seri Najib, Rafizi, Khairy in politics, Anas Alam Faizli in business, Prof Dr Muhaya, Dato Dr Fadzilah Kamsah in Motivation. There are a lot, these are just some suggestions. The best mentor is the one that you can live with them, see them, and attend their talk. If you can find one, that will be great.

2. Inspiration through transformational changes
Research and google on the transformational changes these mentor has done. Transformational change are the highest level of change that you could not imagine it can happen before. In order to make this happen, it requires great skills, characters and learning, and finding a mentor is just the beginning. Now think about a transformational change. It can be you want to change the country to be a better place to live, you want to be a businessman that contribute to the society, or change the way people think so that we can achieve unity.  What are the incremental and continuous changes you can make in order to achieve the transformational changes. This is what you have to start from now! It's always best to step away from your comfort zone.

3. Journey on doing what you love
You already inspired with a role model, and perhaps have a mentor and also have in mind a transformational change you can make in the future. Now, we can discuss about the incremental and continuous changes you can make. What are the steps? Start reading books on the journey you choose, make a plan as if the transformational change is going to happen, and measure your success every week. Good luck!

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