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Mar 4, 2016

PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme 2016

PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme 2016

Application for the PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP) is open to outstanding Malaysians to pursue undergraduate studies in oil and gas related fields. Eligible candidates will be shortlisted and interviewed prior to final selection.

Visit https://educationsponsorship.petronas.com.my/OAS for more information on the eligibility criteria. Online applications will be closed at 5 pm, on 10 March 2016.

Sponsored Programmes
  1. Accounting/Commerce/Finance
  2. Actuarial Science
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Economics
  5. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  6. Geology/Geophysics
  7. Law
  8. Mechanical Engineering
  9. Petroleum Engineering
  10. Petroleum Geoscience
Due Date - 10 March 2016